Blackstone Electric, Inc.


Quality and a safe working environment are an important part of Blackstone Electric, Inc.  Our work adheres to NECA standards, and we use the industries most successful products, which are backed by their own quality programs and warranties. We follow commitment to quality by providing these superior products and services, which deliver excellence and value to our customers.

We perform power and wiring installations up to 15 Kv!


Our Electricians

Blackstone Electric was founded in 1989, delivering quality electrical services to Central and Northern New York. Our electricians receive 8000 hours of 'On The Job Training' as an apprentice, before achieving their Journeyman Wireman status. Their continuous training and education ensures they are knowledgeable and abreast of the latest technologies in today's electrical industry


Service Channel, Connected Contractor
Blackstone Electric, Inc. is a
servicechannel connected contractor   

Blackstone Electric, Inc. is a Certified Installer for Panduit Network Cabling Systems 


Holocom, Inc.
Blackstone Electric, Inc. is a certified installer for the Holocom secure raceway systems.